Fox News host ‘tired’ of atheists, says ‘they don’t have to live here’

There are a lot of things that I’m tired of. Traffic. Annoying advertisements. Going to the bank. People who don’t realize the left lane is the freaking passing lane.

But I’ve never been tired of an entire demographic of people. Yes, I disagree with certain groups of people, like conservative Christians, and I may even not like some of them, but it’s usually a prominent figure when they say or promote bigotry, but I’ve also never told them that the entire demographic should leave the United States.

That’s how Fox News host Dana Perino feels about atheists though.

While discussing the lawsuit currently in the Massachusetts Supreme Court brought by the American Humanist Association about the constitutionality of the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, Perino, who was also the Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, said on Wednesday’s episode of “The Five” that she’s “tired” of atheists.

I’m tired of them. I remember working at the Justice Department years ago when I first started right after 9/11 and a lawsuit like this came through, and before the day had finished, the United States Senate and the House of Representatives had both passed resolutions saying that they were for keeping ‘Under God’ in the pledge.

She also continued with this lovely statement:

…if these people really don’t like it, they don’t have to live here.

Okay. If you don’t like that women have the right to an abortion, you don’t have to live here, Perino. If you don’t like that people can marry those of the same sex, you don’t have to live here. If you don’t like that we have a separation of church and state, you don’t have to live here.

I guess, if you don’t like something, anything at all with American law or culture, you should just leave the country entirely. The only problem is that no one would be left.

I also just love that Bob Beckel, who started out the segment by saying that David Niose, the lawyer arguing the case, forgot to mention that students can opt-out of doing the Pledge, responded to Perino’s remarks by saying, “Yeah, that’s a good point.”

You know what I’m tired of? Not this!

I love hearing the stupid and bigoted things that people continue to say on an almost daily fucking basis about atheists, gays, women, and other minorities still fighting for their rights, which apparently is taking away the rights of the poor Christian majority.

About Daniel Moran

Daniel Moran is an openly atheist candidate for the Texas legislature. Currently earning his degree in Political Science at the University of North Texas, he plans to continue his education in law school. Daniel is also on the UNT Moot Court Team and Vice-President of the UNT Secular Student Alliance.

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  1. Furthermore, if Native Americans don’t want to be continually immersed in Christian dogma and mores, then they should go back where they came from.

  2. I hate it when I feel that I have to apologize for others who are claiming the Christian label.

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