Vatican will give you ‘time off purgatory’ for following Pope Francis on Twitter

The Catholic Church is trying to reinvent itself as a 21st century busines….I mean religion. One of the things they are trying is offering “time off purgatory” for the Twitter followers of Pope Francis.

You read that right.

Indulgences, as they are called, are being offered to those who follow the events of the Catholic World Youth Day, which is actually one week long, being held in a few days in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

According to the Guardian:

Mindful of the faithful who cannot afford to fly to Brazil, the Vatican’s sacred apostolic penitentiary, a court which handles the forgiveness of sins, has also extended the privilege to those following the “rites and pious exercises” of the event on television, radio and through social media.

A source from the Catholic World Youth Day said that this includes following the Pope on Twitter.

Sweet. I can still go to Heaven, or at least get a few years off my time in purgatory, just by following a guy with already over two and a half million Twitter followers (not including his non-English accounts).

However, Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, head of the pontifical council for social communication rained on everyone’s parade when he said, “You can’t obtain indulgences like getting a coffee from a vending machine.”


In the age of the internet, why can’t getting to Heaven be that simple? If they really wanted to attract followers, they would make the requirements for people very low (and provide evidence; let’s not forget about that pesky evidence thing).

About Daniel Moran

Daniel Moran is an openly atheist candidate for the Texas legislature. Currently earning his degree in Political Science at the University of North Texas, he plans to continue his education in law school. Daniel is also on the UNT Moot Court Team and Vice-President of the UNT Secular Student Alliance.

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