Glenn Beck: Oklahoma atheist woman was a CNN conspiracy

Wolf-Blitzer-and-atheist-screenshot1On Wednesday, conservative radio host Glenn Beck claimed that the Oklahoma woman that told Wolf Blitzer of CNN’s Situation Room that she was an atheist was a conspiracy by someone at CNN “who is sympathetic to the atheist plight.”

Well, I’m glad someone in the media is admitting that there is a plight that atheists in America face on a daily basis.

In his usual, delusional paranoid diatribes, the former FOX News host said, “I think he was fed some information about the guest he had on beforehand. That’s what producers do. Given some questions that he should ask, etc. etc.”

“Some producer, who is sympathetic to the atheist plight or just doesn’t like Christians or whatever it is,” he continued, “thought it was important to point out that, in the middle of the heartland in America where most people are God-fearing, there are atheists there too.”

After that, Beck said, “Don’t think for a second it’s not a big deal to them. In fact, one of the news blurbs written about the exchange, a commenter said, ‘When was the last time you saw an atheist on national news?’ [chuckles] I like to point out, I… every time. They just don’t say it.”

Assuming this actually did happen, which if it did then I’m glad the media is starting to show less hostility towards atheists, so what?

And assuming that the media is chalked full of atheists, which if it is then the atheists in the media are very self-loathing, so what?

Well, Beck goes on to explain those whats (emphasis mine).

It’s important because it informs others what they are being taught about atheists from atheism and the bully pulpit and other sources of bias that is not a correct reflection of reality in plain view. We are not fighting against flesh and bone, we are fighting the forces of spiritual darkness. And it doesn’t matter what people’s intent are, but I will tell you that, that was there for a reason.

Oh no! We’ve been found out!

Yes, the godless liberal media is painting a picture of atheists that is completely inaccurate! We’re out to get your children and control their minds with boring news shows like Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room and turn them all into homosexual atheists that want nothing more than to perform abortions and drive hybrid cars! We are the “forces of spiritual darkness” that Glenn Beck speaks of! Fear us!

Okay, enough of that.

Near the end of his six and a half minute segment, Beck offers a challenge to Christians, saying that they need to be better than atheists. They need to prove to God that they are better than atheists.

He says, “If you haven’t done anything different than what an atheist can do this week then your light is not shining very bright at all.”

“Because, quite honestly, if there is no difference, I mean, wouldn’t you rather stay at home on Sunday?” he continues. “Wouldn’t you rather just go ahead and just do what you wanted to do and not listen to some invisible guy in the sky?”

Because that’s all that atheism is: just sitting on your couch all Sunday morning and not listening to the “invisible guy in the sky.”

I wonder what stupid thing Glenn Beck will say next. I probably won’t have to wait that long though.

About Daniel Moran

Daniel Moran is an openly atheist candidate for the Texas legislature. Currently earning his degree in Political Science at the University of North Texas, he plans to continue his education in law school. Daniel is also on the UNT Moot Court Team and Vice-President of the UNT Secular Student Alliance.

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  1. Wow! I thought I was keeping up on my Glenn Beck, but I missed this one. Hey Glenn, here’s one way to “let your light shine brightly”–stop coming up with nutbag conspiracy theories about everything you see.

  2. Beck–the God Police commissioner. Yuk.

  3. John Stefanyszyn

    Stanhope wrote on the Indiegogo page. “Let’s show the world that you dont need to believe in a god to have human compassion nor does all charity fall under the banner of religion.”

    BUT the atheist DOES BELIEVE in a ‘god’ ( a way which rules your life, which you serve)…it is called the “religion/ god” of freedom of self-rights.

    This ‘god of fortresses’ dictates that it is right to be FREE…to establish and justify what is right in one’s own eyes, one’s own way of life…to be “like a god”.

    This is the SAME ‘god of freedom’ that all the religions also worship as their first love. Mr. Bergoglio has clearly confessed this in his recent statements.

    President Obama has placed this way of freedom, this god of freedom, this god of fortresses, above all beliefs….dictating that the fruit of the tree of disobedience to the One Will of the Creator is a good and right fruit for one’s own wisdom.

    One either serves the Will of the Creator or serves the father of self-will. The later will be brought to an end at the return of Christ as the One and Only King.

  4. What’s funny is that his initial narrative could well be true, but it just wouldn’t be a big deal. As he says, that’s how these things are done. So, what if the question was decided on before hand? It’s standard procedure. …but in this case Mom’s look out for your children!

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